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5 Myths About Home Pricing When You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City

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When you sell your home in Ellicott City, it’s important that you price it properly. If you don’t, you’re either going to cut out a large pool of eligible buyers or you’re going to leave money on the table – money you could use for a down payment on your next home, a dream vacation, or retirement savings. But unfortunately, there are plenty of myths

How to Price Your Home to Sell: What Most Ellicott City REALTORS® Won’t Tell You

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When you’re selling a home, your REALTOR® will talk to you about pricing – how much you should ask, how low you’re willing to go, and what kind of profit you hope to make through the sale. Setting the right sales price from the start can help you sell quickly, and that’s what most people are going for. So what is the secret to pricing

How Do Realtors Determine a Home’s Listing Price?

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When you're selling a home in Ellicott City, you'll rely on your Realtor® to help you come up with the right listing price - but how do real estate agents figure out what a home is likely to sell for, and how will it apply in your situation? Find out now. How Do Realtors Determine a Home's Listing Price? A lot of factors go into

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