Five Best Cafes in Ellicott City
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If you’re buying a home for sale in Ellicott City, you’ll be pleased to discover that we have some of the best coffee shops in Maryland within our city limits. While we do have the major chains, there are a handful of locally owned cafés and shops that people come all the way from Baltimore to visit – and we’d like to let you in on our favorites while you’re here.


The Best Coffee Shops and Cafés in Ellicott City

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick espresso or you’d like to sit and chat with your closest friends for an hour over pastries and sandwiches, there’s a coffee shop or café for you in Ellicott City. Check out these local favorites:

  1. Little Market Café
  2. Old Mill Café
  3. GG’s Café
  4. Tous Les Jours Bakery and Café
  5. Bon Appetit Bakery and Café

Here’s a closer look at each.


Little Market Café

Little Market Café
3731 Hamilton Street

The Little Market Café in Ellicott City is one of the best you’ll find – and in addition to fabulous coffee, you’ll find spectacular foods. Their sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch, are over-the-top delicious (we recommend the G. Reuben and CC’s Favorite, but they’re all good). They even offer a plant-based vegan menu.


Old Mill Café

Old Mill Café
4 Frederick Road

The Old Mill Café is the place to go for savory fare and super-sweet pastries, which they serve all day. This coffee and tea house has a charmingly old-fashioned vibe that locals love. In the mood for a bagel? Got it. What about a ham and swiss? Check. They even have hummus feta toast, crepes and pancakes, omelets and more.


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Georgia Grace’s (GG’s) Café

GG’s Café
8004 Frederick Road

One of Ellicott City’s favorite cafés, GG’s, is a light, bright and truly fun place to spend a bit of your free time. The fabulous Greek food and Mediterranean fusion options, as well as the friendly people, make GG’s a local hotspot. You’ll find breakfast and lunch at this charming little place, plus espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and so much more.


Tous Les Jours Bakery and Café

Tous Les Jours Bakery and Café
9380 Baltimore National Pike

Pick your favorite – coffee, tea, a smoothie, bubble tea or something else – sit down and enjoy the fabulous treats from Tous Les Jours’ bakery. They offer plenty of snacks, too, including kimchee, croquettes and so much more. This bakery also offers fabulous cakes, ice cream drinks and a wonderful ambiance where you can sit back and slow down for a while.


Bon Appetit Bakery and Café

Bon Appetit Bakery and Café
10155 Baltimore National Pike

When you’re in the mood for a fabulous cake, a great cup of coffee or specialty Korean desserts, Bon Appetit Baker and Café is your place. This neighborhood bakery has a fabulous selection of pastries and breads, as well as coffee, tea and all your favorite café-style drinks.


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