If you’re a pet parent buying a home in Howard County or Baltimore County, this checklist will help ensure that you’ve covered all your bases for a smooth move.

Checklist for Moving With Pets

For most people, the best way to organize a move with pets is to plan ahead – and to tackle some tasks before others. Check out this checklist for moving with pets that can help you as early as 6 weeks before your big day.

Checklist for Moving With Pets: 6 Weeks Out

  1. Start looking at travel arrangements for your pets if you’re not simply driving. If you’re flying, you need to know that airlines have a lot of restrictions on when, how and where pets can fly – and you may need to fly your pet as cargo in some cases. 
  2. Find pet-friendly hotels along your route if you’re driving. (And even if you’re flying, you may want to consider getting a pet-friendly hotel for a day or two after your arrival; that way, there’s somewhere for your four-legged family members to hang out while you’re closing.)
  3. Invest in a pet carrier and start getting your pet used to it if you haven’t already done so.

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Checklist for Moving With Pets: 3 Weeks Out

  1. Visit your vet and get all your pet’s paperwork. You need health records, proof of vaccines (to apply for an animal license) and a quick check-up to talk about your upcoming move with your vet. If your pet is on any medications, you’ll want to pick up extras prior to the move, as well.
  2. Hire a pet-sitter for moving day. Moving day is hectic, and the last thing you want is for your pet to dash out the front door! A lot of pets get very anxious when their entire environment changes, too, so it may be best – even if you’re not worried about escape – to keep your pet out of the thick of things. 
  3. Check your pet’s ID tag information and make the necessary changes. 

Checklist for Moving With Pets: 2 Weeks Out

  1. Start packing up your pet’s belongings. Keep a separate box or bag that you’ll hand-carry to your next location that includes necessities like toys, kitty litter and a scoop, medications, toys, doggie bags, extra water and food bowls, and pet food. 

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Checklist for Moving With Pets: Moving Day

  1. Plan your pet’s meals ahead of your long trip. Generally, vets recommend feeding your pets about five hours before you head to the airport – but check with your own vet to be sure. 
  2. Take your pet to the sitter – and if you’ve chosen not to hire a sitter, put your pet in a room clearly marked “Do Not Open” when the movers are there (and make sure the movers know why). 
  3. Keep your pet hydrated. Refill their water bowl often, because nervous pets can dehydrate easily (they tend to pant a lot).

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