3 Bedroom Improvements That Can Help You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City

If you’re selling a home in Ellicott City, you may want to check out these three bedroom improvements buyers love right now.

3 Bedroom Improvements That Can Help You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City

Check out these three simple bedroom improvements that can help you sell your home faster (and at a better profit):

  1. A new lighting system
  2. Soothing paint colors
  3. A functional workspace

Here’s a closer look at each.

Bedroom Improvement #1 to Help You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City: A New Lighting System

Buyers like to see light, bright spaces when they’re touring homes, and bedrooms are no exception. If you have heavy drapes, now’s the time to take them down and replace them with their lighter cousins. But you may need to go a step further than that and upgrade the entire lighting system in your bedroom. If you have a light fixture on the ceiling that’s outdated or that siphons light, head to your favorite home improvement store and look for a replacement period you may also want to consider adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom, which many buyers enjoy. You may also want to consider updating your lighting so that it includes a dimmer switch.
And one more thing: Although buyers know that your belongings will go with you when you leave, adding a couple of bedside lamps can go a long way to improve buyers’ impressions of your bedroom. Essentially, you want your space to look as customizable and relaxing as possible, and bedside lamps show buyers that they could relax in the space with a great book.
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Bedroom Improvement #2 to Help You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City: Soothing Paint Colors

If your bedroom has loud paint colors on the walls, you should absolutely talk to your real estate agent about making some changes. You don’t have to repaint the walls in eggshell white, but you should aim for soothing colors that make buyers think about relaxation. Neutral is best in the bedroom! the same is true for kids rooms and spare bedrooms, as well. Although your children may love bright yellow or pink, or any other color of the rainbow, buyers are unlikely to feel the same way. In fact, they may see unusual colors and think about all the work it would take to repaint the space. That means it’s better for you to undertake the work of repainting now, before you list your home for sale, to avoid any issues with prospective buyers.
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Bedroom Improvement #3 to Help You Sell Your Home in Ellicott City: A Functional Workspace

More people are working from home now than ever before, and they’re realizing that comfort has a lot to do with being efficient and effective. If you have enough space, carve out a functional work from home area in your bedroom, a spare bedroom, or elsewhere in your home.
Naturally, If you already have a home office, this is completely unnecessary. However, if you don’t have a home office – or a spare bedroom that you can turn into one – your real estate agent may suggest turning an unused corner of your bedroom into a work from home space.
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