5 Home Trends Buyers Are Looking for in 2022

If you’re selling your home in Baltimore County or Howard County this year, your REALTOR® will talk to you about staging – the process of making your house as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. The idea behind staging is to create a space that buyers can envision living in themselves, and you can achieve that by setting up a home that’s full of possibilities. Check out these five home trends buyers are looking for in 2022 to get inspired before you start the staging process.

5 Home Trends Buyers Are Looking for in 2022

When you sell your home, you’re not only selling four walls and a roof. You’re also selling the idea of a lifestyle that buyers want. Ideally, you’ll be able to show buyers that your home is comfortable, easy to maintain and equipped with all the convenience they need to be happy. With that said, check out these five home trends buyers want in 2022:

  1. Dedicated activity space
  2. A connection with nature
  3. Luxe accent materials
  4. Comfortable, bright home offices
  5. Modern living rooms

Here’s a closer look at each. 

2022 Home Trend #1: Dedicated Activity Space

With people spending more time at home than ever before, dedicated activity spaces are on-track to become one of the hottest trends for this year. A room that has a desk, a small table, comfortable seating, an entertainment console and a bookshelf can serve as an all-purpose activity space, which is what buyers love to see.
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2022 Home Trend #2: A Connection With Nature

Bring the outdoors inside with live plants. Although your plants won’t stay behind when you move, what you’re really showing buyers is that your home is comfortable and easy to relax in; plants just make people feel better. A word to the wise, though: Don’t use any plants people could be allergic to (such as bonsai trees, ferns and African violets) or plants that require a lot of maintenance. Nobody wants to see a sickly plant on its last legs!
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2022 Home Trend #3: Luxe Accent Materials

Luxurious accent materials – a plush throw over the sofa, fluffy pillows on the bed – make buyers think about being comfortable. That’s exactly what you’re going for, so embrace luxe touches. Consider also adding some ultra-luxe decor and other accents, such as a small and unique sculpture on the coffee table, a wooden tub tray across your bathtub, and modern (and upscale) lighting in the dining room. 

2022 Home Trend #4: Comfortable, Bright Home Offices

Teleworking has become a way of life for many people in Maryland (and beyond), which means comfortable home office spaces are on many buyers’ “Must Have” lists. However, the days of dark, solemn home offices with huge desks and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are long gone – today, people only need a comfortable space to sit, space for a laptop (a small desk is usually fine) and plenty of bright light. Add a simple shelf and some decor to create a backdrop worthy of an important video conference and you’re all set.
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2022 Home Trend #5: Modern Living Rooms

Your living room should reflect a modern, easy-living style – people are stressed right now (for good reason), so show them that they can get comfy in your space. Toss a plush throw over the back of the sofa, bring in a live plant or two and make sure that people have clear walking paths through the whole space. If necessary, upgrade your lighting so your fixture is more modern (and definitely bright) and add modern, depersonalized wall art.
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