5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Irresistible to Buyers

When you’re selling your home in Howard County or Baltimore County, your home office can be a big win with buyers – but you should consider making these five improvements before you put your house on the market. 

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Irresistible to Buyers

Check out these five ways to make your home office more appealing to prospective buyers:

  1. Update your bookcase
  2. Upgrade your seating
  3. Let there be (more) light
  4. Add some texture
  5. Put in a few cozy touches

Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 to Improve Your Home Office Before You Sell: Update Your Bookcase

Clean up your bookcase or shelf and make sure it’s organized neatly. If it’s stuffed with books, pare them down a bit – and add some visual appeal, like a small sculpture or piece of art. If your bookcase is rigid and too “office-like,” it may be time to switch it out for another style; try an antique or something super-modern to make a splash with style. 

Tip #2 to Improve Your Home Office Before You Sell: Upgrade Your Seating

When people see your home office, they’ll be thinking about how much work they could get accomplished in there – but they want to stay comfortable, too. That means your desk chair should be comfortable, and if you can set aside a small space for a reading nook or other leisure activities, you should. Consider adding a pair of cozy chairs with a small table between them. The idea is to improve the room’s function while inspiring buyers to want to use it themselves.
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Tip #3 to Improve Your Home Office Before You Sell: Let There Be (More) Light

Improving the lighting in your home office can make a huge difference in the way prospective buyers feel about it. Although one ceiling light can produce a lot of illumination, what you really need in this space is layered lighting. Think about adding a few extra light sources, such as a table lamp on the desk, as well as a floor lamp or two in strategic locations around the room.
Pro Tip: When people come for a showing, raise all the blinds and draw back all the drapes. Let in as much natural light as possible!

Tip #4 to Improve Your Home Office Before You Sell: Add Some Texture

Add a little texture to your space by tossing a cozy throw over one of your chairs, putting a rug on the floor beneath your desk, or even adding a velvet footstool (and you get bonus points if it has storage). Woven containers on your shelf are a great touch, too, because they add visual appeal plus storage for things that would ordinarily be tough to corral.
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Tip #5 to Improve Your Home Office Before You Sell: Put in a Few Cozy Touches

People are spending more time than ever in their home offices, which means the more comfortable they look, the more appealing they are. Sure, buyers know that your stuff will go with you when you leave – but you’re selling the idea that your home office can be a comfortable, easy place to work, so what’s not to love about that?

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