5 Simple Bathroom Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Your Home

If you’re like many people selling a home in Baltimore County or Howard County this year, you may need to make a few upgrades in your bathroom to bring in the best possible price – but what are buyers looking for, and which upgrades and updates are worth your time and money?
Here’s what you need to know. 

5 Simple Bathroom Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Your Home

Check out these five simple bathroom upgrades that can help you sell your home:

  1. More storage space
  2. Better lighting
  3. New hardware and accessories
  4. An extra sink
  5. Fresh flooring

Before you make any of these updates, you should talk to your Baltimore County REALTOR®, though – you may not need to spend your hard-earned money on them. In fact, in many cases, REALTORS advise making only the smallest upgrades; buyers often look past cosmetic issues when they find a house they love. If you’re waiting to talk to your agent, here’s a closer look at each.
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Bathroom Upgrade #1: More Storage Space

Buyers love storage space in the bathroom – but that doesn’t mean you need to knock out a wall and build an in-room linen closet. It does mean that you should maximize the space you have. If you can extend your bathroom’s storage space by adding built-in shelving, under-cabinet storage options, or even a bigger medicine cabinet, that may be the right choice. (Talk to your REALTOR first, though!)

5 Simple Bathroom Upgrades That Can Help You Sell Your Home

Bathroom Upgrade #2: Better Lighting

Bright, light bathrooms are the way to go. You may want to consider updating your light fixtures, swapping out the window blinds for a lighter-colored set, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the space. If you have wallpaper, your REALTOR may suggest that you remove it and paint the walls white (or whitish), and if you have a colored bathtub, it may be time to swap it out with a brand-new white one.
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Bathroom Upgrade #3: New Hardware and Accessories

Drawer pulls, cabinet handles, light switches and light fixtures should be modern (and they should all match). The good news: These kinds of updates are typically DIY jobs, and they’re all fairly simple. That means if you set aside an afternoon, you can knock the whole project out of the park. 
Pro Tip: Check out your favorite home improvement store for new hardware and accessories. You may be surprised at how affordable – and how modern – the latest-and-greatest fixtures are.

Bathroom Upgrade #4: An Extra Sink

Buyers love seeing his-and-hers sinks, but don’t rush to the home improvement store just yet. Talk to your REALTOR about whether investing in a whole new vanity is a good idea; it may not be necessary, particularly if your bathroom is super-cozy and would look cramped with a bigger piece.
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Bathroom Upgrade #5: Fresh Flooring

If your bathroom floors have seen better days, it may be time to rip them up and install new ones. Laminate is out (way out), and fresh, bright tile is in. Because this may not be a one-day, DIY job, you should weigh your options carefully; hiring a contractor to re-tile your bathroom may cut into your profits when you sell the home. 
Pro Tip: If redoing your bathroom floors isn’t in the cards for you right now, think about having them professionally cleaned. You may even want to re-grout the tile that’s already there.
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