Are Cork Floors Right for Your New Home

Are Cork Floors Right for Your New Home
When you buy a new home in Ellicott City or any of the surrounding communities, you might be looking forward to making it your own – and some of that probably has to do with flooring.
One of the newest – and hottest – trends in flooring right now is cork. So is it right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Cork Floors Right for Your New Home?

Cork flooring is warm and comfortable, and studies have shown that it’s easier on your legs and back. It’s a good flooring option for play areas, living rooms and halls, as well as home offices and other spaces.
Cork is naturally fire-resistant, and it releases very few volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. It’s also a mold inhibitor thanks to suberin, a natural substance inside it that also prevents it from rotting. It provides excellent insulation, too, and it even absorbs noise.
This type of flooring material is generally affordable, costing as little as just over $1 per square foot, but it can range up to just under $10 per square foot.
Sounds great, right?
See if the benefits outweigh the potential negatives:

  • Cork only comes in certain colors
  • You have to re-seal it about every five years
  • Oil, dirt and spills can stain it if it’s not sealed properly
  • Furniture legs need felt pad protection to prevent denting
  • Sharp objects can puncture or damage the floor’s surface

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