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If you’re like many people buying a home for sale in Baltimore County or Howard County, you have a dog… and your dog may hate your current house. Though your pup can’t tell you, years of research on dogs and their living environments can. So does your dog hate your house? Maybe – but this guide explains what you can look for in one that’s more Fido-friendly.

Does Your Dog Hate Your House?

It would be a lot easier on pet parents if their dogs could come along and point out all the features they want (or don’t want) in a home, but this guide should get you started on the right track to find a dog-friendly home. Here’s what dogs tend to dislike or feel uncomfortable about:

  • Too many slippery stairs
  • Slick floors with nothing to grip
  • Fireplaces
  • Strong chemical scents

Here’s a closer look at each.

Thing #1 Your Dog Might Hate About Your Current House: Too Many Slippery Stairs

Stairs can be scary for dogs, and doubly so if they’re slippery and tough to navigate. Dogs walk on their toes, and when they go down stairs, they’re going head-first (just try it yourself for a quick glimpse at what your four-legged family members go through each time they descend).
What to do: If you’re buying a new home that has stairs, you’ll want to make sure that they have runners or some type of grip surface that will make traversing them easier for your pooch.
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Thing #2 Your Dog Might Hate About Your Current House: Slick Floors With Nothing to Grip

It’s frustrating to scramble and not get anywhere, but that’s what dogs do when they want to run on hardwood or tile floors with no rugs.
What to do: Make sure your new home has flooring that your dog can grip and gain traction on, whether it’s cork, bamboo, or carpet – or be prepared to lay down some area rugs so that your dog can comfortably walk.
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Thing #3 Your Dog Might Hate About Your Current House: Fireplaces

Fireplaces give off strong odors, and they make all kinds of noises that dogs may be uncomfortable with. Some dogs love fireplaces – but some don’t. That doesn’t mean you should purchase a home without a fireplace, though; it may just mean that you need to adjust how you use it.
What to do: Find a fireplace with a generous hearth so that your dog can keep their distance. You may want to find a home with an electric fireplace that generates heat and light without any of the side-effects of real fire.

Thing #4 Your Dog Might Hate About Your Current House: Strong Chemical Scents

Dogs explore the world through their olfactory senses – they smell everything. Though your dog may not complain about strong chemical scents, your space can be offensive to their little noses.
What to do: Avoid using heavy-duty cleaning products in your new home. Opt for natural products and those that are scent-free (though they may not be scent-free for your dog, they’re likely to be less overwhelming).

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