Patapsco Valley State Park

The 5 Best Things to Do With Kids in Catonsville

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Wild Adventure: Explore St. Mary’s College in Ellicott City

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Ellicott City is a great place to live - and there's always something to do or see here. But what if we told you that we have off-the-beaten path attractions that most people don't even know about? If you're of a mind to explore, check out St. Mary's College, an abandoned space buried in the woods of Patapsco Valley State Park. Wild Adventure: Explore St.

4 Outdoorsy Places to Spend Time in Ellicott City

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If you're moving to Ellicott City, you'll love knowing that there are several fabulous places to visit here. Check out some of our most popular outdoor spaces: Patapsco Valley State Park Centennial Park Clark's Elioak Farm Rockburn Branch Park 4 Outdoorsy Places to Spend Time in Ellicott City Whether you like to bask in the sun or fish in peace and quiet, there's a place

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