7 Spots You Can't Miss When You're Cleaning Your Home to Sell It
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When you’re selling your home, your REALTOR® will probably talk to you about cleaning, decluttering and staging – and he might even suggest that you hire a professional cleaning company to save yourself some time. When you hire a professional cleaner, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home is spotless… and all you have to do is maintain what the pro did while your home is on the market.

However, hiring a professional cleaning company isn’t in the cards for everyone. If you’re cleaning your own house, there are seven hot spots that the pros will hit – and you should make sure you get them all, too.

7 Spots You Can’t Miss When You’re Cleaning Your Home to Sell It

When you’re cleaning your home to sell it, every little detail matters. All the details come together and help buyers form an impression of your home. The best impression is “This house is easy to clean and maintain!”

Check – and double-check – each of these spots when you’re scrubbing your home from top to bottom before you list it:

  1. The undersides of faucets
  2. Ceiling fan blades
  3. Baseboards
  4. Air return vents
  5. Under beds and other furniture
  6. Doorknobs and light switches
  7. Windowsills

Here’s a closer look at each – just like the closer looks buyers will take.

#1. The undersides of faucets

You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the undersides of the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms, but buyers might. Make sure you wipe them down thoroughly as you clean each space.

Pro tip: Use window cleaner on a soft cloth on all your chrome faucets. It’ll remove water spots and leave the entire faucet sparkling.

#2. Ceiling fan blades

Run a duster over the tops of your ceiling fan blades, and make sure you get the edges, too. After you’ve dusted, double-check the tops to make sure you haven’t left anything behind – if buyers turn on the fan and you’ve only clumped the dust together, it’ll all come flying down (and that’s the last thing you want). On some fan blades, you can apply furniture polish to repel dust in the future, too.

#3. Baseboards

Your baseboards – particularly those in the kitchen beneath your sink and dishwasher – might need a good cleaning before you list your house. That’s where your mop splashes up dirty water, where splatters from spills hide away, and where your pets’ hair can stick. Scrub all the visible baseboards in your home to make sure you’re not missing anything that buyers might see.

#4. Air return vents

Air return vents can gather a lot of dust, so make sure you run a soft cloth over them to capture it all. Check your filter vent, too, which can be a hotbed for dust that comes from the inside of your home. You don’t have to have the interiors of your vents professionally cleaned, but you can – it’s just that right now you’re focusing on things that buyers will see.

#5. Under beds and other furniture

Dust bunnies hang out beneath beds, sofas and other furnishings, so sweep or vacuum them away before buyers start coming through your home for tours. If you have hardwoods, make sure you move your furnishings and clean the floors, as well.

#6. Doorknobs and light switches

Doorknobs and light switches bear the brunt of the carnage that dirty hands can create, so make sure you wipe them down thoroughly before buyers start coming through. Window cleaner does a great job, as do antibacterial wipes.

#7. Windowsills

Windowsills capture a lot of dirt, so make sure yours are dusted and wiped down before buyers come to call. If you’ll be leaving the windows open during showings, make sure you clean out the grunge that settles between your screen and the ledge, too.

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