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If you’re selling your home in Ellicott City, you know how important it is to make sure your bathrooms are spotlessly clean and staged properly. If you don’t hire a professional cleaning service (which makes things easier on you), there are still plenty of things you can do to make sure your home – including the bathrooms – are sparkling-clean.
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Selling Your Home in Ellicott City? Here’s How to Make Your Bathrooms Shine

Use these tips to make sure you’re hitting all the right spots.

#1. Showers: Start at the Top

Pour white vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it securely around your shower nozzle. Make sure the shower head is completely submerged, and leave the bag attached overnight.
Put your plastic shower curtain liner in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Add detergent and a few old towels to wash away any contaminants.

#2. Tile, Walls and Ceiling (the Easy Way)

Spray  tile, counter tops and walls with your favorite all-purpose cleaner. Turn on the shower and let it run for about five minutes. Shut off the water close the door. Wait 20 minutes, and then wipe everything clean with a dry cloth.
To wipe down the ceiling, use a clean and dry microfiber mop. Save the floors for last!

#3. Toilets: How to Get Rid of Lime Build-Up

If you have lime build-up or mineral deposits in your toilet bowl, use a pumice scouring stick. Pumice removes deposits without scratching the finish.

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#4. Sinks: Wash Away Germs

Germs breed inside sink drains, so dump some baking soda inside yours and follow it with white vinegar. Wait a few minutes, then turn on the hot water to wash it away.
Use disinfecting cloths – the disposable kind – to clean the sink and countertops. They’re better in bathrooms than regular cloths are, because regular cloths can just move germs from Point A to Point B.

#5. Vent Fans: Wipe Away Dust and Grime

Soak your vent cover in hot water and dish soap and wipe down fan blades with a damp cloth. You can also remove dust from the fan’s motor with a stiff brush. Wait until you’ve rinsed and dried your vent cover before you put it back on again.
Pro Tip: To stay safe, turn off the power to your bathroom before you clean the fan.

#6. Clean the Baseboards

The last place you want to be is on your bathroom floor, but to really clean the baseboards, you’ll have to do it. Use a broom to brush away dust, and then use disposable disinfecting cloths on all the surfaces.

#7. Shine the floors

Sweep and mop the bathroom floor as you normally would – and be careful around the baseboards you just cleaned.

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