5 Cleaning Tips for Showings

5 Cleaning Tips for Showings
When you’re selling your home, you need to know how to keep it clean for showings – and fortunately, with these tips, it’s easier than you think.

5 Cleaning Tips for Showings

You can be ready for last-minute showings or just enjoy simpler cleanup for those scheduled a few days in advance when you employ these five cleaning tips:

  1. Hire a pro to kick things off
  2. Carry a laundry basket around the house for stray items
  3. Do the dishes right after dinner – and run the dishwasher more than you need to
  4. Sweep the floors every afternoon
  5. Start good habits

#1. Hire a pro to kick things off.

Before you list your home, hire a professional cleaning company – you’ll save yourself days of work, and you can be sure that they’ll tackle every inch of your home. When you have a good base to start from, keeping your home clean the entire time it’s on the market is so much easier.
Let your cleaners know that your home needs a deep-clean – even if you keep it neat as a pin all the time. They’ll do the baseboards, pull out appliances and even check the cupboards for stray crumbs.

#2. Carry a laundry basket around the house for stray items.

Make it a habit to keep an empty laundry basket handy. When you get word of a last-minute showing, you’ll be able to dart from room to room picking up stray items. When you’re finished, you can put the laundry basket in the car with you – and take it when you leave for the prospective buyers. You can put everything away later, once the buyers are gone.

#3. Do the dishes right after dinner – and run the dishwasher more than you need to.

One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen clean is to do the dishes right after dinner. In fact, put all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher as you go, rather than letting them pile up in the sink. That way, you can add soap and turn it on just before you leave for a showing.
We’re going to be honest – this is a tough habit to get into. However, the benefits really outweigh the pain. Your kitchen will only need a basic wipe-down when you get a call for a last-minute showing.

#4. Sweep the floors every afternoon.

You might not have a lot of dirt and dust in your home, but sweeping (or vacuuming) the floors every afternoon is a great way to make sure buyers always see it at its best.
If you have kids, there’s an added bonus: They have to pick up their belongings so they don’t get swept away.
One more bonus, too: Sweeping and vacuuming add a lot of steps to your step tracker. You’ll be hitting your step goal in no time.

#5. Start good habits.

Good housekeeping habits include picking up as you leave a room or following the “five things” rule – every time you leave a room, take five things that don’t belong there with you. Put each one in its proper place. Other good habits:

  • Keep your toiletries under the sink instead of on the counter
  • Unload the dishwasher as soon as the light goes off
  • Take the clothes out of the dryer and hang or fold them on the spot as soon as the bell sounds

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