How to Stay Sane When You're Selling Your Home in Ellicott City

How to Stay Sane When You're Selling Your Home in Ellicott City
Selling your home in Ellicott City is an emotional experience – so how do you hold it all together?
Check out these tips from the pros to stay sane when you’re selling your home – and then call us so we can help you get the whole process over with quickly.

How to Stay Sane When You’re Selling Your Home in Ellicott City

Check out these five tips for staying sane while you sell your home:

  1. Prep for the selling process
  2. Pick the right price
  3. Look at your house like a product
  4. Stay involved
  5. Don’t invest yourself in buyers

#1. Prep for the selling process.

Selling isn’t easy when you’re emotionally attached to your home. You need to know that you’ll get all kinds of feedback, and it won’t all be good.
When a prospective buyer makes an offer, that offer will be followed close behind by a home inspection. The home inspection might uncover issues you didn’t know about, and the buyer – who isn’t emotionally attached to your home at this point – is going to ask you to fix them or take a hike.
Try not to take feedback or repair requests personally. This is a business transaction, and as long as you see it that way, you’ll come out of it just fine.

#2. Pick the right price.

It’s easy for us as sellers to think about all the memories we’ve made in our own homes and attach a dollar value to them – but that can be a huge mistake. When you over-price your home, you’re asking buyers to skip over it.
And when buyers do come see your home, they’re going to wonder why yours is so much more expensive than the others they’ve seen – or worse, why yours comes up short compared to the other homes in their price range.

#3. Look at your house like a product.

Those emotional attachments make it hard to see your home as a product that’s being bought and sold, but in the end, that’s what it is. You’re going to have a new home – one that’s even better than your current one – and you’ll be able to fall in love with it just like you love the one you live in now.
Because you’re looking at your home like a product that needs to be sold, it’ll also enable you to highlight its best features and correct any issues that might make it less valuable to a buyer. Have the carpets cleaned, repaint in neutral colors and make other investments that can increase the home’s value.
Pro tip: Don’t make any major changes without talking to your real estate agent first. You need to make sure you’re investing in things buyers want so you don’t throw away your hard-earned money.

#4. Stay involved.

When you’re involved in the selling process, you can feel more in control. You’ll also feel better about the outcome.
That doesn’t mean you should call your agent daily – but it does mean that you can always call if you have questions or you’re not sure what to do about something. It also means that you can ask your agent to update you frequently and to pass on all the feedback he or she gets from prospective buyers and their agents.

#5. Don’t invest yourself in buyers.

You might have an image in your head of the perfect buyer – but know that he or she isn’t exactly… well, real. The next people who fall in love with your home and make an offer might be totally different from you, and they might love the home for completely different reasons.
Don’t reject an offer just because the buyers don’t match your vision for who you want to live in the home. Remember, it’s a product.

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