Is Amazon's $7K tiny house Worth It

Is Amazon's $7K tiny house Worth It
Amazon, purveyor of everything from books (where the site got its humble beginnings) and toys to appliances and foodstuffs, is now in the real estate business – kind-of.
There’s a tiny house listed on Amazon – the Allwood Solvalla – but it’s not exactly what you might think. Although the Allwood Solvalla sold out within hours of its first listing (the 172-square-foot home was selling at $7,250 with free delivery in three to five weeks), it’s a DIY job. That means you have to put it all together yourself.
Because it sold out quickly, its manufacturer, Allwood, created a series of other alternatives that range in price from $4,990 to $17,800.

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These kit homes – some of which give you a small bedroom’s worth of space – all come in pieces. But they’re far from what you’d get with new construction; if you want insulation, an air conditioner, or even electrical wiring, you have to spring for it yourself. They’re kind-of like the primitive cabins you’ll find at some national and state parks.
You can check them out here:

  • Allwood Lillevilla Escape, 113 square feet ($4,990)
  • Allwood Solvalla, 172 square feet ($7,250)
  • Allwood Claudia, 209 square feet ($8,250)
  • Allwood Sommersby, 174 square feet ($8,360)
  • Allwood Bella, 237 square feet ($17,800)

Here’s the deal, though – you’ll still need property to build on. You have to build the tiny home yourself. You have to worry about electrical wiring and other issues (not one is equipped with so much as a bathroom space), and you’ll still have to file the appropriate paperwork with the county for a living space, which may or may not be approved.
All in all, these tiny “houses” are great if you’re looking for a rugged cabin that you’ll spend one or two nights in at a time – but as far as living in them? Probably best to stick with a run-of-the-mill home.

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