5 Things to Get Rid of Before You Move

If you’re getting ready to move, you probably already know that the fewer items you have, the less you have to pack – but how would you even begin to purge your belongings? Don’t stress. Check out this list of five things to get rid of before you move to get started.
5 Things to Get Rid of Before You Move
Downsizing your belongings isn’t always easy – and it may not be any fun, either. However, if you get rid of things you don’t use now, they won’t be there to clutter up your new space. Check out these five things to donate, sell or trash before you start packing to make your whole move easier:

  1. Clothes you don’t wear
  2. Old linens
  3. Furnishings that you don’t like or can’t use
  4. Extra cords and cables
  5. Papers

Here’s a closer look at each.
Item #1 to Get Rid of When You Move: Clothes You Don’t Wear
Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear
If you asked a hundred homeowners about how satisfied they are with their closet space, 90 of them would probably tell you that they’d like more room to store their clothes. You can help alleviate issues with the closets in your new home by getting rid of clothing you don’t wear. (Not seasonal clothing – that can be packed away until it’s time to wear it again.) Anything that doesn’t fit, is so outdated that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it, or that you simply don’t like should go in a donation bag.
Item #2 to Get Rid of When You Move: Old Linens
Everyone has a pile of linens they don’t use – and you don’t need to bring yours with you when you move. Sure, it’s nice to have backups… but your backups don’t need backups. If you dig through your linen closet, you may even have linens for the wrong-sized beds – beds you don’t even own any longer. The same is true for towels; you probably have a big stack that you certainly won’t put out when company comes, and that you only use in emergencies or to clean up spills. 
If your linens are in passable condition, think about donating them to a local animal shelter. There’s always a need for blankets, towels and even pillows. If they’re not, it may just be time to trash them.
Item #3 to Get Rid of When You Move: Furnishings You Don’t Like or Can’t Use in Your New Home
Why move heavy furniture if you don’t want or need it? Go through your home and see what doesn’t need to accompany you to your new house – maybe an end table here, a nightstand there – and find a place to donate it before the big day.
Item #4 to Get Rid of When You Move: Extra Cords and Cables
We all have a box with cords and cables, and for the most part, we’re not sure what electronics they belong to. Moving is the perfect time to check all those cords against your appliances to see what you still have and what you don’t – and to get rid of the extras. 
Pro Tip: When you do find a match, label it and attach it to the appliance it belongs to – that way, you won’t risk misplacing it again.
Item #5 to Get Rid of When You Move: Papers
Get Rig of Papers
Keep all your important financial documents, birth certificates and other information that belongs in a safe – and shred the rest of it. If you think you may need something later, scan it (there are scanner apps for phones) or, as a last resort, take a photo – then recycle the paper. There’s no need to move with a box (or more) full of papers you’ll never look at again. 
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